Xena and Mega Xena Bird Discouragers

Dura-Weld has worked with a major utility in Florida to design and manufacture what is known today in the utility industry has the “Xena” Bird Discouragers to prevent the problem of line trips caused by perching or nesting birds on power line structures. These bird discouragers can be made to match your particular structure configuration; tower or pole. These devices are made from a proprietary, durable, UV resistant, high-density polyethylene; time tested and weather proven. Over the past few years Dura-Weld has developed a line of these discouragers all using the cone concept, which is a proven perch preventer. Our latest design the “Mini-Xena” was developed to be a more cost effective and versatile part that can be used in distribution, transmission and substation applications.

Structure Before Installing the “Xena” Structure After installing the “Xena”


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Xena & Mega-Xena Bird Discourager