Mini Xena


The Mini-Xena Bird Discourager discourages birds from perching on numerous types of power line structures. The Mini- Xena moves birds away from unsafe and sensitive areas, effectively lowering the risks of avian electrocution, insulator and streamer flashovers, structure corrosion and bird strikes. The Mini- Xena is shipped ready to mount on wooden. steel or fiberglass arms in minutes. This product is molded using proprietary high-density polyethylene that is contaminant and weather resistant, and is fixed to the structure using stainless steel straps. The Mini-Xena is extremely versatile for a multitude of structures in the transmission, substation and distribution applications.


                              Substation                                                          Transmission 


                          Distribution                                                     Angled Mini Xena

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Some examples of where the Mini Xena has been used